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Merc Dashboard: Feel it and Enjoy.

Our business is focused in providing convenience in your search and quest for a car. We link you to the individual and company that will sell you the car that you want. We are your best solution for buying and selling cars online. Which car do you want? What is your budget? Do you have access to finance? Do want an insurance? If your answer is yes to these questions, you have arrived to the right site. iGetCar allows you to research for new and used cars by price, type, model and many other filters to readily find the car that you want. If you want to sell your car, please provide us with the following:
  • 4 high resolution pictures of your vehicle
  • Sale price
  • Contact number
  • Model of the car
  • Features - Both interior and exterior

Advertising Space

Choose the amount of space that you want for your company and product. Every page on our website can host your advert from time to time depending the visibility that you want to achieve. This is for all levels of advertising ranging from events, new products, services, sales, job opportunities, etc. Get your products and services out there using iGetCar platform to promote sales. We provide you with the required dimensions so that you can develop the desired advert to be uploaded. We will surely not disappoint.

Car Spares

Auto Zone - find us in all main towns.

Service your car right away. We also provide a list of all the car motor spares in the Kingdom of Eswatini. You don't have to struggle with finding your service kit. Offering professional service, impeccable quality and great value for money. It is with the service providers stable ownership and steady growth that they will be able to continue serving generations of our customers for years to come, all while continually improving the customer experience. There are various car spares in the country, see service for more information. Let us link you up before it is too late.  

Finance and Insurance

We don't provide finance and insurance but we link you with the service providers as you may need. Car insurance is necessary for all drivers and, if you’re younger or less experienced behind the wheel, prices for cover can skyrocket. Fortunately, there are car manufacturers who sympathise by offering deals that pay for the cost of your insurance.
Many drivers interested in buying a car, whether new or used, can have their cars financed. Not only is financing much easier than paying for an entire car with cash, it can also be a smart financial decision if you get a good interest rate. You might find, however, that insurance rates can be a little higher than expected. Let us help you choose among the companies we have in stock for you.


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