Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why we do what we do?

  • Closing the gap between car buyers and sellers was necessary. iGetCar offers car sellers with the platform to upload cars for sale while also providing a portal where buyers can research about the car that they want. We connect the seller and buyer to speak one on one – no need for a middle man.

Q: Who will I contact to get a car, how do I find the car I want?

Customers who want to buy a car are given direct contact with the car sellers, a section on the details of a car gives one the chance to view contacts details of the car seller and also see the details of the car. If you want to have your car available on the site you can contact us at 2404 0524 or send us an email: or visit

Q: How long do I reserve space on your site?

We provide space for advertising your car for as long as the car is still not sold. This is a rate for both car dealers and individuals who feel the need to sell their car(s).

Q: What makes iGetCar different?

What makes iGetCar different is the fact that it lets car sellers to upload their cars as long as they are still not sold for the same price until they find a customer. Our platform will help you search for a car of your choice where you can specify the model, the year, mileage range, car color, and type of fuel, the maker/ brand and the price range of the car you are looking to find.

Q: What services does iGetCar offer?

As we bring the world of car buyers and sellers in one space we offer individuals and car dealerships the space where they can interact and offer them a wide choice where they can now view the cars available and sell cars and easily find motor spares, insurances, financiers etc.


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